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 Fitness and nutrition are probably one of the most exhilarating industries in the last past few years furthermore They found the way to work alongside complementing each other. This status quo appeared when we understand the strong conexion between being fit and keeping on eye on our nutrition as result we obtain great results. This results are not just only in terms of aesthetics (the way we look) also in our health (the way the feel). So if you already committed to an exercise routine, now it’s time to eat better too and believe me it’s simpler than you think.

Actually let me recommend this four top books that we are currently using when it comes to prepare weekly food plans for our beloved clients.

This selection of book made it to my top 4 for different reasons:

> Quick and easy to cook

> Busy life proof recipes

> All dietary requirements are consider

> Guide of calories and breakdown of nutrition values

> You can quit sugar and have awesome meals

> Fitness orientated recipes

> Unique personalities that will keep you motivated in social media

Here we go:

#1 – Five Ingredients: Jamie Oliver It could not be more simple, just five ingredients that will allow you to cook always in always. No excuses, also a good range from very healthy to a naughty treat!

#2 – The body Coach: Joe Wicks This guy rock! He does great HIIT workouts, at the same time he shows that healthy cooking it’s not compromise with boring recipes and it great fun inspirational influencer.

#3 – I quit sugar: Sarah Wilson An opportunity to keep the right balance between non-sugar recipes and great soul food. At her books I found really valuable all the tricks and hints that she researched and now shares to make your cooking process my efficient, expenseless and fun.

#4 – Madeline Shaw A lit bit more holistic and introducing here some vegetarian & vegan recipes however   her philosophy is all about enlivening the hottest, happiest and healthiest you.

Now, any suggestions? 

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