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Autumn is here and winter around the corner, season changes and viruses proliferate. During this time you can lower the defences due to stress, changes in temperature, wet days … That’s why it is important to fine tune our defences to prevent the typical diseases of this time of year. Good nutrition is the key to strengthening the immune system, specially some natural supplements.


I would like to list the foods that should not be missing this autumn-winter in our kitchen to avoid annoying colds, colds and flu-like illnesses.


Garlic, is a natural antibiotic that has antibacterial and antiviral properties, its consumption of weapons against infections. Increases the body’s defences, improves our response thanks to viruses and bacteria.


Mushrooms, beta-glucans that contain the most recent substances that stimulate the immune system.


Citrus: contains strong doses of vitamin C, so it helps reduce cold symptoms.


Fermented products: reduce the risk of suffering from flu and colds thanks to the probiotics they contain, which help to strengthen the defences that are great allies against the prevention of diseases and colds.


Ginger: eliminates cough and soothes sore throat. It also reduces pain, fever and is a mild sedative that relaxes the body. Adding a piece of root to the infusions will not help, since it is considered a good antibiotic and natural anti-inflammatory.


Honey: since ancient times it has been used as a remedy to relieve cough and irritation of the throat due to its content in inhibitors, substances that give bacterial and antiseptic capacity.


Brewer’s yeast: strengthens the immune system; among other reasons for being a good source of selenium and vitamins of group B.


Echinacea: it is a good stimulant of the immune system. It is considered as the natural influenza vaccine. It is usually used as a preventive for about 20 days before seasonal changes, both in infusions and in juices.


Thyme: has very interesting components which confer medicinal properties (antibacterial, hypotensive, antiviral, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative …).


In addition, apart from what we eat, there are other factors that greatly affect our immune system, such as physical exercise during the winter and emotional well-being; because we are an essential part so that our defences work correctly.

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