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Are you overwhelmed about all the “healthy” food bombing your feed? If yes, It’s completely normal, I am too. From different social media platforms to conversations with clients/friends where their first reaction it to think that avo on toast is healthy and they stop eating what sometimes we denominate incorrectly as “crap food”. Let’s re-think it:

A common burger: bread, meat, cheese, tomatoes, onion and salad. There is nothing wrong with it, eat a burger once a week if it makes you happy. Now, if you add ketchup, mayonnaise, a side of deep fried chips, bacon, deep fried onion rings and a couple of fizzy drinks or alcohol…the history changes.

An traditional pizza: sourdough bread base and quality toppings (cheese, veggies and/or meats). It’s one of the most balanced meals you can have. However, if you consume it at chains/restaurants where it was frozen before, using industrial processed bases, low quality industrial and processed toppings…..you can expect a storm of sugars, chemicals and others again the category come closer to “crap food”.

I could continue with the list like mexican food, kebabs, etc. Perhaps the best way to approach this issue is to apply three rules:

  1. KIS – Keep it simple. If you can understand all the ingredients, great, if it’s a basic combination of them, 3-5 main ingredients better, if you can avoid extra sauces, sides and condiments even better.
  2. Natural vs processed. To know where your ingredients are coming from will facilitate the decision to stop eating them. Face the reality of the food industry.
  3. The 80/20 rule. Allow a 20% of your meals to be satisfaction. Read more.

Hopefully this post is making you think and a bit more happy in your meals.

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