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I was not a morning person. Specially seven years ago when late nights at university and going out in the weekends. Nowadays my day starts at 05:30 am, if I have not personal training clients my main priority is to workout. It allows me to be productive for the rest of the day and at same time I know that the most “painful” part of the day is completed by the time most of the people still in bed. So here is my five reasons to workout before 7:00am


Makes you setup your alarm earlier

As consequence you will go earlier to bed to get the right amount of hours of sleep. It will change your life routine to a new whole perspective.


The benefits of exercise will put you in the right mindset for the day

All the morphins and good stuff released while we workout it’s key for our busy daily life.


Uses the calories from your dinner and you will be ready for breakfast

If you think about, our body it’s ready to use all the energy provided in the last dinner. Use that energy to rock your day.


Great excuse for one minute cold shower

If you want to really make it worth…try a minute under cold shower (all year around) plus the benefits of it.


Your day will be much longer

If your workout is done by 7am you’re already winning. You will be surprise how much you can get done even before you hit the office.


Saying all that, your workout could be just an efficient 30 minutes. So you just need to wake up a before 6:30m


x3 Personal Training Sessions


Take advantage of the offer to get you started or to step up to the next level!

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