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During holidays time it could a bit more difficult to keep your fitness in check. Earlier last week we talked about five tips to continue exercising during your holidays. Today I would like to review the basic kit of holiday fitness gear that you can easily can take with you anywhere. You will be surprise how much you can do with a couple of pieces of equipment.


What to pack to keep working out during my trips?


1) Quick Dry Shorts and T-shirt

This is the first and most important step, the fact that you’re taking spare clothes to exercises increases the rate of success 100%. The “Quick Dry” system, which you can find in different brands, allows you to workout, to wash it and your clothes will be dry for the next day. If you don’t have a chance to wash it, at least it will be dry by the time you pack it. The final positive point is that you will be more likely to sweat less as they tend to be more breathable fabric. Basically I won’t recommend to workout and sweat on your cotton t-shirts.


2) Barefoot or trainers?

Actually It’s a quick easy question to answer. I definitely won’t take my trainers if I’m going for a beach holiday, I rather workout or run in the sand, for two reasons mainly, one different surface for my joins, and two being outdoor and sunshine it’s a plus.

If the destination is a city or at hotel’s gym the trainers will be ideal. Which ones you should take? The flatter and lighter the better, here a few examples:

3) Skipping Rope

Light, packable and so basic but so effective at same time, also however the possibilities are endless. From regular skipping to:

  • Single Leg Skipping
  • Double skipping
  • Side to side skipping
  • 1min skipping 5 burpees
  • Etc…

4) Squat Loop Bands

No just to challenge your glutes while squating. The amount of exercises that you can implement this mini bands are just limited by your imagination. Even using them with upper body exercises.


5) Big Bands

A full body workout with resistance band never has been so travel friend as just taking a elastic band with you. You can use them to increase the level of effort and to assist you while you improve your pull-ups and chin ups. Check out Alexia Clark workout to find out more creative exercises.


6) Intentions

As we mentioned in a previous post. It’s much successful to set intentions rather than try to find motivation. In correlation with the first point, in the end of the day you have to pack the gear and the intention to do it.


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