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Did you ever consider Personal Training as part of your lifestyle? What about having your personal trainer availiable all the time at your phone, laptop or tablet? The pace of our daily schedules it’s incredible fast, sometimes when can fit even a 30 minutes session because we are super and your local PT is booked when you are free, obviously! But technology is able to keep up with our lifestyle and more, in this case, I’m fascinated of how the world of online personal training is going to changes the rules.

From the Personal Trainer point of view…it’s well known that we only can do set amount of one to one personal training sessions per week, once you reach that ceiling, traditionally the options are to increase your rate or to hire support trainers, however, even these options has their limitations. I found that sometimes this level of endless hours of work could affect to the mood or quality of the sessions taking the risk of losing some clients as you’re constaly tired or not focus. Then perhaps the smarter way to increase the numbers of people that you can change their life it’s through online personal training.

Nowadays the world is esrinquing more and more to the point that you can have your clients working out and following your program in Los Angeles meanwhile you are sleeping in Melbourne. There are many ways to approach it, some trainers decide to write programs, others to record in video or audios of your entire workouts. My approach is to merge the previous two ideas. Firstly is to record a serial of exercises that goes from beginners to advance, so that you know exactly how to perform each exercise written on your program then I create a 12 weeks personalised program based on your goals and requirements. During this period of time I make sure that you have extra support like reminders, motivation, recipes and more nutrition tips.

Majority of my workouts are 30 minutes long, so that you can fit it any time of the day. Also you can do it wherever you most like so you don’t need to worry about gym times, busy periods, booking your spot and be afraid that you may cancel your session. It means that a online personal trainer is cost effective and completely flexible.

At the moment we are working on all of above mentioned, focusing on the user experience to get the best results from filming great videos for you, a comprehensive application form to  understand you and goals! Stay tuned for the next month for news and updates.

To finalise, I have note down a few points of the beneficts of having a Online Personal Trainer:

  • Workout on your own schedule
  • Affordability 
  • Communication 
  • Access to an Expert
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • Seeing Results!

Before finish let me know you thoughts? What do you expect from an online personal trainer?


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