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Many times, including myself, during holidays we struggle to keep active or our fitness levels up. However, more and more I find that active holidays are more enjoyable, at same time you will recharge the batteries properly.

Most of the time I approach my holidays like an adventure where we keep exploring and trying different activities in a new place. By the end of the day we are exhausted making the sleeping part so easy and deep recovery. Without forgetting about your nutrition, as we all know the drinking and buffet could be very high.

As Personal Trainer, I get this question asked so many times: what can I do during my holidays to keep active and fit?

Here is my five recommendations,

The 30 minutes workout before breakfast. It could be a beach workout, go for a little jog and calisthenics in the mountains or a city run. Most of the time it’s the perfect time to discover a place, while it’s quiet and just a few locals are around.

Active Holidays. Do a bit of research before of thing to do such hiking and outdoor, city walks, water sports, yoga or bootcamps

Eating Control. Yes we  are on holidays and we want to try new foods and we get carry away. Approach it like a treat, for example, good breakfast and lunch and cheat dinner. In this way you are doing it great most of the time.

Keep drink (water) and get extra naps. Often when we are away we forget to take a water bottle around with us, believe me, keeping yourself hydrated it will make a huge difference. Specially when it comes to your energy and hungryness levels. Hey! You’re in holidays allow between workouts, visiting,… to take a nap, so your body get that extra sleep to come back into the routine fresher.

Hotel workout. Very similar to the first point but this time at the gym as not always we are near the beach, nice hiking path or city streets. Your last option in this case will be to do a quick workout at the gym or even at your hotel room.


Extra tip! Make sure that you pack your workout gear 🙂 which we will talk more in one of the next posts. Can you think any other tip that you would like to share? Comment below.

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