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Training people in London usually we used to perform our sessions at the studio or at the park. Rarely it happened at home however in the city of Melbourne the houses and flats have a reasonable amount of space rather a backyard or even a home gym. So nowadays I’m doing more sessions home based, which reminds me one of the questions frequently asked: what kind of equipment do I need to workout at home? Firstly there are some many workouts that you can do just with your own body weight and this should be  your starting point. After many years training people I found the following exercises the most simple but at the same time very effective. Let me describe which exercises I’m talking about here:

  • Squat. I will suggest to start conditioning your legs with the Wall Sit Squat, in this way you make sure that the technique is correct and get stronger with injury risk. From here you will start doing more dynamic squats. Starting from 8 to 10 repetitions and building up. Next level is to add weight or squats jumps, however make sure that you get at least 4-6 week training with your bodyweight.
  • Push Ups. Sometimes overused, sometimes hated. They are a great exercise to strengthen up your upper body. Make sure you get some expert guidance to teach your the right technique, you don’t want to overload your internal rotator of your shoulder.
  • Dips. So simple that is genius and pretty much you can perform it anywhere and in any surface or platform (like a chair, bench, block, bar,…) It’s a great exercise to work on your arms…and bingo wings.
  • Pull ups / Chin ups. Generally we are scared about them. However with the right directions and adapting it to your level you will enjoy on of the most complete exercise that will make work every muscle from your neck to your hips.
  • Plank Position. A static exercise that will make fire up your core.

With this five exercises you will get an excellent full body workout. The equipment that you need for the exercises above are the following:

  1. A mat.
  2. A chair or bench for the dips.

 After an initial period of four to six weeks training bodyweight you can start to step up your game with the following pieces of equipment.

  1. Skipping Rope – great to warm up, work on your cardio, coordination and ankles strength.
  2. 8 to 12 kg Kettlebell  – initially you can use it for your squats, kettle swing and back or shoulder exercises
  3. Rubber bands – different sizes and resistance will allow you to complement your basic bodyweight exercises, but also to create new combinations.
  4. Pair of dumbells – from 7kg to 15kg, you can target more accurately your arms, chest, back and shoulders. At same time to increase the level of intensity of other exercices.
  5. Fit ball – it’s a good option to work your core and balance, however it can take a bit of extra space.
  6. Foam roller – It’s 50% important to train but the other 50% of the time we should focus on recover our muscles massaging them with the foam roller and a good nutrition.

Are you convinced that you can workout at home now? Let us know all your questions and what equipment do you use at home?

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