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The last week I started to work with a cyclist, he is recovering from an ankle injure and piriformis syndrome, basically it putted him off the bike during almost 8-10 week. Nowadays the plan is to get him ready for the next session stronger and ready to do endless mileage.


This could be quite common injury that put you out of your training plan up to 6 weeks. While we pedal during the first phase (between 12pm and 3pm, using the clock analogy) the main muscles performing this phase are: glutes and piriformis involving our posterior chain.

The piriformis syndrome it appears when we overuse the piriformis muscle due the lack of enhancement in our glutes, hips and abductors muscles. This overuse causes overtraining and at the same time it will swallow pinching the sciatic nerve.


  1. The following video will help you to prevent and to rehabilitate (after a period of rest). The exercises are:
  2. Sidewalks Banded – sitting backwards, slightly bending knees and keeping legs aligned.
  3. Lunge with Opposite Band Pull – Make sure that you core and glutes are enhanced at same time that you lunge. It simulates the pedaling action.
  4. Deadlift – Drive with you hamstrings and finish squeezing glutes and hips forward. Make sure your back is straight and core tie.
  5. Foam Roll and release your glutes.



x3 Personal Training Sessions


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