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For me, training is a great way to escape the world and focus on nothing but my workout for a while. I’m often asked if I ever struggle to find the time to train and honestly if you see my schedule the answer is yes, of course! However, I also know the only workout you will regret is the one you didn’t do so I always make myself push through so I feel better afterwards. I’ve got loads of  tips to help you for when your life feels hectic, but here are five of them…

1. Reality check.

Simple as “stop for a second”, sit down and thoughtfully realise what’s your current situation. Body weight is correct? Last blood pressure results? What do you want to change in order to improve your health & well being.

2. Review your lifestyle

How does your schedule looks like? Sometimes we just running busy around with no sense, try to plan ahead your week especially the times that you want to workout. Also I would recommend at same time to keep on eye on your sleeping patterns, commuting times, hours at work and personal admin.

3. Set realistic goals.

Maybe the best way to do it is setting SMART Goals.

4. Create an “intention”, then find some motivation

Basically the other night I read an article about this that bloom my mind, so that I’m going to write an entire article about this but here is a concise version.

You don’t need motivation, you need to write an intention, for example: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 07:00 am I’m going to exercise during 30 minutes.

Here is yours >> Every ….. at ……. am/pm, I’m going to …… during ….. minutes

5. Join a exercise group or partner up with a gym buddy at least once a week

Book into and pay for a class so you’re committed and have a reason not to cancel. Recruit a friend to join you to add to the fun so even if you don’t feel like working out, there is an extra reason to turn up.

Remember consistency is the key. Keep reviewing the first two points every 12 weeks.


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