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A challenge could be defined as a call to prove or justify something. When It comes to personal training our commitment to put in front of you, to set you up for it and to keep you motivate & accountable. Our 28 challenge will prove that you can lose 4 kg in twenty eight days.  Are you ready?

All we ask is to make a significant change in your life during 28 days, to achieve it and the desirable results you need commit to it, making drastic changes and be discipline. Our job is to help you by giving you the structure, support, motivation and accountability.

What’s the formula behind?

Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) – The amount of calories that your body expends in basal status (let’s say if you lay in bed 24 hours without moving, your body will expend that)

Daily Calories Intake (DCI) – The amount of calories that we put in our system through our daily food intake.

Intentional Calorie Expenditure (ICE) – The amount of burned calories on a structured physical activity. Doesn’t count ride to work.

TEE – DCI – ICE = Daily Calorie Outcome (could be deficit or positive)


Gender: Female

Age: 30 y.o

T.E.E.: 1800 calories

Calorie Intake: 1500 calories diet

I.C.E: 300 calories burned during 45-60 minutes of exercise.

Applying the formula: 1800 – 1200 – 300 = -800 calories in deficit

Maintaining a deficit of 800 calories per day, it means 5600 calories deficit per week. You will lose 0,5-1 kg per week.

What’s the structure?

You will complete 6 workouts per week and this is the structure:

Three times a week of 45 minutes of vigorous exercise. Examples: HIIT, Boxing Class, Personal Training, Weightlifting, climbing …

Three times a week of 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercises. Examples: walking, cross trainer, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, hiking …

How to keep you motivated and accountable?

I believe that the best motivation is to keep yourself accountable of success and fail, to set your intentions and to tick off from your plan. There are two components to keep under control: nutrition and exercise.

a.       Nutrition: highly recommended the smartphone app my fitness Pal is an intuitive/user friendly software that will help you to set your goal, to keep track of the calorie intake and to give you daily and weekly reports.

b.      Exercise: design a table of 7 columns by 4 rows. It will give you 28 squares to plan ahead your workouts and tick off once you finish it. Also it will allow you to review it every week and to make improvements for the next one.

How can I support you?

Email me your intention to do the 28 day Challenge at yago@yagoaldirpersonaltraining.com and We will arrange a complimentary 30 minutes phone call plus I will send you more material like recipes, meal plans, workouts and further support.

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