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Frosted early mornings, rainy days, cold evenings… there is a relationship between the winter weather and a strange satisfaction. Perhaps the fact of facing the challenging weather, to push through an uncomfortable situation and successfully get to our place and have a hot shower.


In this post you will find ways to keep you motivated, to get you out of bed, to keep you safe and to wear the right clothing. Here are 10 winter running tips…

1. Organise to run with a friend.

In a dark winter morning you want to roll over and hit the snooze button. But if you’ve already organised to go running with a friend you won’t want to let them down. Having a running  is a great way to keep you motivated, and safe too.


2. Get organised the night before.

Get your gear out and ready to go the night before, so waking up and getting out the door is easy and quick.


3. Vary your route.

The whole point of running outside instead of on a treadmill is that you can mix up your running route every so often to keep it interesting.


4. Set goals.

Sign up for a short, local race like a 5K run. Having a goal to work towards will keep you motivated and push you along, even during the winter months.


5. Be seen.

Obviously It will be likely you’ll be running in the dark, cloudy or strong rains. So that It’s essential to wear clothes that are reflective or bright, fluor colours to increase your visibility and safety.


6. Wear technical clothing.

The key is: Layering! to moderate your body temperature, as you can add and remove layers and the layers trap warm air.

Your base layer needs to be moisture-wicking, because sweaty skin and wet clothes can lead to hypothermia.

First layer: Merino Wool is a great choice as it’s naturally odour-resistant and provides superior warmth.

Middle layer should be fleece to insulate you against the cold,

Last layer: should be lightweight, windproof, water-resistant and breathable for all-round protection.


7. Warm up first.

This is especially important in winter when it can take your body a little longer to get going. Run up and down the stairs, skip or do some star jumps or push-ups…anything to get the flood flowing and the body warmed up.


8. Hydrate.

Although we don’t normally associate dehydration with winter, make sure you sip water regularly.


9. Start into the wind.

Some runners prefer to start their winter run facing into the wind rather than at the end, when they’re sweaty and could get chilled.


10. Carry your mobile and enough money for cab fare.


This is especially important on your longer runs, it’s always good to be prepared.


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