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Motivation, NO! You need intention

Probably the words fitness and motivation go hand-by-hand. However, “motivation...had no significant effects on exercise behaviour”. A couple of days ago I read an article, that blew my mind from the British Journal of Health and Psychology, researchers measured how...

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Reduce sugar intake and start today

Today, sugar is found in bacon, in smoked salmon, in mustard, in salad dressings, in sliced bread ... it is everywhere! - I know that, you may know that, but it was what a client brought up last session. After some research it is easy to find that our ancestors almost...

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Nutrition and productivity: The 80/20 rule

It is a very simple rule that is based on common sense, balance and flexibility without needing to be punished. This rule is very popular in fitness and thanks to the personal trainer of the Hollywood actress. There are other examples of the success of...

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Training Habits For a Successful Marathon

In March 2017, I finished my second marathon*. The question I always ask to myself at the start line is: Have you done all that you could do? If yes, you’re ready. Now, how do you know if you have done all that you can before a big challenge? That’s the question that...

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Oh food glorious food!

“ I had some coffee and croissant at the train station, then for lunch there is a Sainsbury around the corner where I get a £3 meal deal majority of the time, mmm for dinner a ready meal like pasta, pizza, lasagne, soups,...or take away” This was last week's shocking...

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