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A qualified Sports Scientist, has a lifetime of experience in international and elite level sport. Having been a former national athlete, he has an understanding of the unique demands athletes place on their bodies.

Yago has a keen interest in working with individuals seeking to maximise performance or recovering from an injury. His background in sport science hit the wall when it comes to understand human health and emotial wellbeing, motivated by this, he has taken a Holistic health route following the CHECK Institute and FMA Australia for Strength and Conditioning.

Having worked in the UK, Spain and Australia, Yago is fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the worlds leading coaches and medical professionals in preparing athletes for competition at British, Spanish, European level.

Coming from a background in professional sports, Yago’s philosophy is we are all athletes. We all want and need our bodies to perform optimally and pain free. Whether our aim is the world championships level, or just to look a little better for a summer holiday – we all have the right to enjoy what our bodies can do for us.

Yago’s belief is that we can optimise our physical potential by understanding the relationship between biomechanics, neuromechanics, psychology and emotional wellbeing. Once we understand that these systems are in fact one – we can truly understand what we are capable of.

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