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BORN & RAISED IN Spain. Yago Is a MELbOURNE PERSONAL TRAINER and Expert Sport Coach. HIS Sessions are intelligently designed, HIGHLY ENERGETIC and GOAL Focus. dedicated to fitness and sports and is equally passionate about triathlons, climbing, trekking and travelling.

Based in East-South Melbourne, Yago has emerged as London’s personal training within the boutique studio Fulham Fitness and Fison Fitness when he moved to the city in 2012. He has become the industry name for health and fitness, and is responsible for honing some famous personalities in TV, politics and industry. 

Since 2016 Yago started to develop his own brand, nowadays, he presides over a multifaceted fitness and sport network including an upcoming Personal Training Studio in the heart of Melbourne, a series of internationally published fitness titles and overseas retreats.  

He maintains that the most valuable lesson he has learnt is through his relationship with his clients is enthusiasm. If you bring a positive attitude to the session you can leave the rest to Yago.  He wants you to leave each session wanting more, smiling and knowing the benefits of what good work can bring.


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